Tuesday, June 21, 2016



The whole group with the facilitator Sr. Cassie Hurley

Sister Cassie Hurley facilitating one session

Sr. Cassie HURLEY, OLA took us through a short Module titled ‘ADDICTION’ on our Ongoing Formation. At once she has started to point out that we are all human beings. As such the ‘being’ in us refers to my ‘sacred space’ or my ‘identity’ more my ‘essence’ as well as my ‘love’ or my ‘truth’. ‘Being’ is ‘what’ we are really! In another words we are ‘our behaviour’. Therefore this module on ‘Addiction’ is to help us again to know more about ourselves spiritually.

At the end, it appears that after a couple of days of this ongoing formation, we came out satisfied. Because this module can be also useful for each one of us in our pastoral ministry. For it stands as a good tool to tackle addiction at and in all the strata of our society. In fact, dealing with addiction will help us enlighten many on the nature of love and a golden principle that stand always: ‘all rejection is self-rejection and all acceptance is self-acceptance. Therefore, each one need to consider his/her fate as Christ Jesus said: ‘let’s the one who want to follow me take up his /her crosses. And, with this module we can say ‘let’s each one of us learn how to manage his/her life’ with the help of ‘a power greater’. This is possible when each one knows how to turn over his/her will, his/her live to God. This is again possible when each one integrates the moral values of the Gospel and improves his/her conscious contract with God. And this is finally possible if each one pray unceasingly to God to let him /her know His will and to get the power to carry it (will of God) out.

So it appears that there are simple things that we can do for ourselves and to others to help overcome ‘addictions’ in life.

Our human beings are more than our ‘addictions’. Thanks be to God for that gift of our being.

By Fr. Daniel P. NANA, M. Afr.