Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Gender Issues

Human values are formed thru cultures and traditions of people.  Gender identity in some way is formed and determined thru social standards that describe the individual attitudes and responsibility of man and woman.  Though cultural practices are significant to understand human values, however it has some limitations to provide answers to the issue of gender equality or gender sensitivity.  It is a fact that, in most cultural norms male identity is much illaborated than that of female identity, though in most cultures and traditions, woman has respectable identity with regards to her role in bringing up family and the society.

Sister Bijundi Bashige
Sr. Bijundi Bashige, presented to us significant facts with regards to the misconceptions in understanding sexual identity of Man and Woman.  In most cases, contraditictions occurs when too much thought being presented on the level of differences of identity.  There are so much backfires and conflict, when we fail to see the complimentarity of Man and Woman in forming the society.  Thus during the sessions and group sharing we are made aware the various problematic tendencies that gives rise to substitution of woman or gender inequality.  Gender issue in its contemporary context is complex, so we focus our attention to look into ways and norms in our ministry to promote values and understanding that gives way to gender equality, complimentarity and unity knowing that God created all people with equal dignity.   

On the issue of equal pay for men and women Pope Francis express “…They have the same rights.  The disparity is a pure scandal…”  To create a better society, we need to promote justice.

Fr. Julieto L. Casapao,SMA
SMA Missionary

Working in Shinyanga Diocese