Sunday, July 10, 2016

Graceful Transitions in Life

                  The Lord is good indeed, after the community outing which wa refreshing we started the week with the module on Mid-life Transition.  Sr. Josephine Nafula, MMS was the facilitator.  Prior to this, the participants were given a reading material as a reference in understanding “The Spirituality of Two Halves of Life,” in a book in-titled “Falling Upward” written by Fr. Richard Rohr, OFM.  This was meant to help us come close to ourselves, looking at our life’s journey, marking the significant turning points. (Difficult or challenging moments of our life)

                  The module was heavy and demanding not only because of the inputs but also it requires personal involvement to journey inward.  In transition, we must learn to be still; being still is part in learning to be comfortable even in ambiguos situations.  The exercises were manageable as the participants moved supporting one another.

                  The reality of transition follows us, the moment we are born till the moment we die.  It continues through out, in between our life’s journey.  We meet various difficulties and challenges which sometimes rips off our hearts a part.  The good news is that transition, with good self-awareness, brings our life in order, to have a right way of passage from one level to another.  It’s the only way to reach a desirable end.  Transition is learning to be… to let go of the past and live in the present as you lay the foundations to get hold of the future.  At every transition, we will likely to shed tears as we realize that we can’t go back and relive the past.  All we can do is to move forward facing the imperfections of our present and hoping for the best in the future.  Also in times of transitions, difficulties and challenges we encounter in most cases connote to us weaknesses that we must overcome so as to move on to the next level which we are looking for or heading to.

                  For successful transition, some things to remember so that we have a healthy acceptance of our life, family, work, projects and other conditions that forms your identity or personality.  However, it is not the end of everything, life is not only the things that you have or make you feel good.  Some things that holds good for you might not be good on the next stage of life.  Conditions that makes us safe and feel good in the first half of life is important but not enough to continue with second half of life.  There is a need to have that deep trust that God is in control and allow God to direct my life well as he has done it in the past.

                  The five days where a blessing for each participants, we concluded the module of Mid-life Transition by drawing a bridge, according to our own experience we visualize our life’s journey, identify significant events and people in the past, conditions that support us at present to cross the bridge and to identify the goals we want to achieve.  We are asked to identify feelings we have as we make the bridge, the image of Mid-life transition.

                  In all these, from beginning to the end, God himself continues to re-create us in conflict and in chaos.  He transform us, melting, moulding and filling us, just like a potter.  He leads us forward.  We are sure God will lead us in our uncertainties.  God only asks us to listen, believe, trust and obey.  So we ask God’s grace and allow him to lead, drive and direct our lives in our life’s transition.

Sr. Judette Pulle, OSB
Religious Sister working 
In Jinja, Uganda