Saturday, July 30, 2016

Interreligious Dialogue

Participants with Sister Kathleen McGarvey (Facilitator)

  • To join hands with people of other religions to work towards dialogue.
  • To promote positive relationships with people of other religions.
  • To acknowledge and promote the Spiritual and moral goods found in other religions.

These are objectives and some definitions of inter-religious dialogue.

Sr. Kathleen McGarvey, OLA
Sr. Kathleen McGarvey, OLA has helped us to be aware of the realities of other religions espicially Islam and African Traditional Religions (ATR). The richness of other religions make us aware of the beauty and neccessity of dialogue.  The command of “Golden Rule” love and care of human being, the unity of human race, the social and cultural foundations show that dialogue is possible.   We are adviced to use the four(4) ways of dialogue as follows:

  • Dialogue of Life (Being)
  • Dialogue of Action (Doing)
  • Theological Dialogue (Thinking)
  • Spiritual Dialogue (Reflecting)

In each aspect of dialogue there are challenges and difficulties –fears, prejudices and ignorance are realities which can be enemies of a good dialogue. However, Dialogue is still possible because God, the one who created diversities in the world is Dialgue himself. Dialogue is part in the call and mission of the church. We believe in dialogue and acknowledge that dialogue is possible.

Fr. Daniel Nana, M.Afr.
Missionaries of Africa
Working in Tanzania