Friday, July 22, 2016

Laudato Si

Praise to you, My Lord (Pope Francis Encyclical)

                  Pope Francis begins his encyclical by the beautiful words of the canticle of St. Francis of Assisi that our home is like a Sister and mother who opens her arms to us.  Our Mother Earth governs and sustains us.  It cries out to all humankind to preserve it.

                  Humanity all over the world have been irresponsible in the use of goods.  By the nature of my being, I am inter-connected to all creation.  Sciences at its best can help us listen to the cry of the earth.  There is a throw away culture hence sad enough humanity fails to preserve (abortion, human trafficking and abuse as examples.)  The growth of the earth includes everyone including the poor who are vulnerable.

Fr. James Kulwa sharing with the participants

                  The God who liberates is the God who creates.  The earth is a gift a gift and therefore every creature is created for a purpose, which St. Francis of Assisi saw beauty even in the grass.  The misguided use of technology dominates human life, where in for its purpose should give better use of opportunities.  We fail in leadership when we view the earth as our own and claim ourselves as absolute ownership. As society, we need to question how many people find joy in their work.  In integral culture  we rediscover our relationship with all creation.  Everything is connected for the common good.  Cultural ecology is taking care of the environment .  In the name of development we destroy the eco-system by cutting down the tress and bring to extinction other species.  We nedd to look to the future by making good choices in taking care of what we have.  The government, business, sciences and religion need to work together in conscientizing the people to preserve nature.  In care for ecology we also need to check our life style ( Gratitude, Happiness and our prayer life.)

  • Minimize the emission of green house gases.
  • Avoid / Reduce the use of plastic and of paper.
  • Reduce water consumption.
  • Seggregate the waste materials, recycle, reuse and reduce.
  • Spending less energy.
  • Re-using tahter than dumping.
  • Cooking only what can be consumed.
  • Taking care of myself and other beings.
  • Using public transport and avoid unneccesary use fuel.

A call to take care of environment today, is an assurance of a beautiful future.

Sr. Charity Kayuwa
Missionary of Precious Blood

Working in Zimbabwe