Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Management of Finances

From the 21st to 22nd of july we had a session on financial management by Mr. Emmanuel Masalu, a lecturer at TRA (Tanzania Revenue Authority) institue.  It was all about managing of Church finances, knowing some principles, techniques and instruments.

Our church structures such as parishes, communities, schools and projects all need authentic management financially.  The objective of this management is to reach at a transparent and optimal sourcing and using of church funds.  In dealing with church financies we need to select the best financing instruments and making the best use of financial resources.

The church finance is used in two ways,  Routine and Strategic uses. Routine use concerns everyday life transactions (e.g. purchase of food or provisions, payments, salaries, transport and other parish regular activities).  The strategic use concerns investment of church finances for income generating projects.  This second use needs more specific attention and specialisation.

In dealing with church finances we need maximum control both internal and external by the leaders. There should be segregation of labour.

Now a days, the ministers of the church have to be aware of the international standards of financial management, be skilled in this areas, so that int the church there is a transparent and professional management of funds of the Church.

This module has been for us a real tool for us in our services.

Fr. Alex Manda, M.Afr.
Missionary from Zambia
Working in Ivory Coast