Thursday, June 23, 2016

Leadership and Management


Participants with Mr. Pius Phillipo Lwamimi (Facilitator)

Mr. Pius Phillipo Lwamimi, as our facilitator on this module, Leadership and Management, presented to us different forms of leadership, Church leader, Government Leaders, Political Party Leader and many others in the social settings. Leadership follows a certain types, Coercive leadership, Democratic Leadership, Laissez-faire Leadership, and Charismatic Leadership.

Participants during the workshop on Leadership and Management

Charismatic Leadership is special form of leadership as natural ability of a person to lead an institution or society.
My interest is to talk about leaders who have lost credibility and yet they want to continue as leaders.  We have a good number of presidents whom people should think they should retire and step down. Why should it be so? I think it is for their personal goals, big salary, security, honor and respect from their followers or symphatizers; not easy for them to relinquish power. Should they be removed by force? No,  Force should be used, when it is necessary to avoid the loss of life.  However, they should be adviced to step down democratically and  be promised a safe transition to ordinary life with their family members at their chosen place.

On management Mr. Pius said as managers we should make sure that we do things right by making sure that we are involved in the work from A to Z. This means that collaboration with others in any work is a key to success.

The other thing was about financial management.  This was all about book keeping, auditing, check balances and the like.  If one wants to succeed in any business he/she has to know the essential elements in finance. The facilitator showed us how to use computer in dealing and simplifying the work in financial matters.

Fr. Peter Mambo receiving the Certificate of Attendance

In fact it was a fruitful week for me as a leader and manager in different areas of work.

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