Saturday, June 11, 2016

Scripture and Mission

Sister Bijundi Bashige facilitating the module


At the background of this Module, we must observe that we must constantly link Mission with Scripture. Of Course, through the first Module on Theory U we had a lot of information on how to bring up renewal and change in our Mission. Yet we have to admit that we get stake in our Mission work especially when we encounter challenges. Besides, a new trend is that as we travel we meet preachers who persuade us by using some verses of the Bible to join them or listen to them. In fact, in our Church meetings we found out that there is a lot of negligence in the use of the Bible.

Therefore in our three groups (Joy, Praise and Light), the Facilitator urged us to reflect upon these two question. First we are to choose a Ministry and to point out the challenges inherent to it and to find suitable Word of God (Scripture passages) that help us to overcome these challenges.

These groups, after all, came back with different Ministries and challenges beneath them. This is what the feedback from Groups has given to us.

The Group of ‘Light’ has focused on the Challenges inherent to the Ministry of Small Christian Communities. The challenges are as follow:

  • The faithful did not understand the idea of Small Christian Community.
  • They undermine each other according to ethnic groups and classes.
  • They have destructive conflicts.
  • Have little knowledge of the Bible.
  • Are money oriented.
  • The Small Christian Communities end up being women and children dominant where man are not keen to attend.

The Group has found that we can refer to the Acts of the Apostles (AA 2, 46 and AA 4, 32) and the First Letter of St. Paul to the Corinthians (1 Co. 12, 12 - 31) to enlighten our Faithful on Small Christian Communities and on how to address these challenges.

The Group of ‘Praise’ was interested on the Youth Ministry. And, it has found that these challenges can undermine this ministry

  • Lack of personnel to really focus in this ministry.
  • Commitment on the side of the Youth is not so deep.
  • They (Youth) go to new Churches that give them hope for Prosperity.
  • Attitude of gaining something.
  • Lack of interest to contribute.
  • Lack of guidance.
  • Focus their minds to Worldly pleasures.

The Group finally concludes that the references from the Word of God (Scripture) that can help to tackle these challenges are to be found in ‘the call of the disciples’ in the Synoptic Gospels (Marc 1, 16 - 20), and in ‘St. Joseph’s role as the Foster Father of Jesus’ (Matthew 1, 18 - 25).

The Group of ‘Joy’ went on to list some appealing challenges undermining our Ministry in general like Sacraments & Faith in Europe; Confession/Reconciliation; Ministers (Priests) viewed like Social Workers; Ministries considered like NGO; Youth Ministry; Parish Pastoral Council more geared towards ‘money’ not faith issues; Minister (Priests) more inclined to set up physical structures (buildings) than to build the community of Christ Faithful; and lack of in depth formation of Faithful in Catechesis (once children get that teachings and sacraments of Christian Initiation they go away)

The group refers to a passage in the Gospel of Luke as the Word of God that can give answer to these challenges (Luke 8, 4 – 15)


We need the Word of God for us to be rooted. In our Theory U it will help us to listen. We need open minds hearts and gut. We can have a quiet surrounding and yet experience nice in our inner world. The word of God can transform us here and now. Hence we become compassionate and healers. We have tribal wars and conflict it is only God who can lead and direct us. Consecrated Life has a spiritual crisis all over the world. Therefore we need to come back and be with our Master.

By Sister Charity