Saturday, July 30, 2016


Renewal program participants with coordinating team and guests
On 29th of July all the participants with the presence of our coordinator, came together to express our affirmation to one another and with sincere affection point out the challenges for growth and development. The atmosphere of the celebration was done with great respect and with grateful acceptance for each other. Sr. Josephine guided well the flow of the sharing.

Concelebrants accompanying mass presider Fr. Francis Rozario, SMA
A thanksgiving mass was held on the 31st of July, the general secretary of the founding Congregations, Fr. Francis Rozario,SMA presided over the celebration, giving thanks to God who makes everything possible the first step of renewal program, hoping that the pioneering group of participants may become an instrument to propagate the fruitful experience of ongoing formation. He acknowledged the unconditional effort of the coordinating team, headed by Fr. James Shimbala, SMA with Fr. Justi Tarimo, CSSP, Fr. Yago Abeledo, M.Afr. and Sr. Bijundi Bashige, Msola to make the pilot project into realisation.

Fr. Joseph Shayo, CSSP
Fr. Joseph Shayo, CSSP delivered a homily emphasizing that the call of God to serve is a pure grace on behalf of human weaknesses.  Obscurity and doubts may be part of our knowledge about God like that of the Prophets of God and the disciples of Jesus but God choose us to serve.  We are God’s prophets and witnesses to proclaim the Gospel of Joy, to turn water into wine.  As God’s witness we are called to be an instrument of Transformative change.

“Rooted, We Bloom” was the guiding or magic words of the participants.  Fr. Alfred Awogya, M.Afr. presented during the offertory, a palm tree as a symbol that express the identity of the renewal program, which also serve as a reminder of the pioneering group of on going formation.

Fr. Justi Tarimo, CSSP and Fr. Gallus Marando, CSSP (also the secretary of Tanzanian Episcopal conference) were present to concelebrate during the thanksgiving mass.  Fr. James Shimbala, SMA presented to each participants the certificate of attendance and was assisted by the Mass presider Fr. Francis Rozario. 

One of the participants, Sr. Judette Pulle, OSB gave the vote of thanks to the founding congregational committee, the coordinating committee, the facilitators, Stella Maris Hotel Administration (Staff and Personnels) and most of all to God the source of all graces.

Sr. Judette Pulle, OSB

After the mass, the palm tree was being planted in Stella Maris compound and followed by a group picture that captures the smiles and expression of a joyful completion of the program.  Then everyone come together to share a gracious meal. 

On behalf of the all the participants, the ICOF Blog coordinating team express our great gratitude to Fr. Yago Abeledo, M.Afr. who help us to put into publication our experience of two months journey of renewal program.

All in all to God be the Glory.

Fr. Julieto L. Casapao, SMA
Fr. Gustave Kutobetey, SMA
Sr. Charity Kayuwa, CPS